It's Time to Take on Lung Cancer

Progress in the fight against lung cancer is being held back by a critical lack of funds. For example, per death, lung cancer gets a fraction of the government dollars -- less than 10% -- that go to breast or prostate cancer.  The gap is even greater when you include private funding.  Your dollars can make a tremendous difference:

• Increasing public awareness of this devastating disease;

• Providing support to patients, survivors, and their loved ones;

• Funding cutting-edge research;

• Educating the public and increasing awareness

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American College of Chest Physicians

The CHEST Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP), the world's largest clinical cardiopulmonary, sleep, and critical care medical society. The CHEST Foundation’s OneBreath™ initiative brings together the three program pillars of the CHEST Foundation: education, care and community. The OneBreath™ campaign supports research, promotes public health awareness, and continues ACCP’s 50 year-fight against tobacco addiction.

Uniting Against Lung Cancer

Uniting Against Lung Cancer raises awareness about lung cancer and partners with dozens of families, foundations and organizations to fund innovative research projects at leading academic institutions. To date, Uniting Against Lung Cancer has provided more than $7.4 million to academic investigators engaged in lung cancer research through its Scientific Research Program.

National Lung Cancer Partnership

The National Lung Cancer Partnership is the only lung cancer advocacy organization founded by doctors and researchers working together with survivors and advocates to increase lung cancer awareness and research funding. Its mission is to decrease deaths due to lung cancer and to help patients live longer and better through research, awareness and advocacy.