Take Steps Now To Quit or Sponsor A Loved One

There will be 160,000 Lung Cancer deaths this year alone. Change starts with one.

I give my word to make a genuine effort to stop smoking. I know it’s a challenge, but I will do my best. In quitting, I hope to improve my health and that of my loved ones. By taking this pledge now, I hope, too, to make an important statement in the fight against lung cancer. Mr. President, Mr. Speaker, it would be terrific if you joined me. Together, we could become leaders of a lung cancer free world. 


One of the most important ways to become a Leader of the Lung Cancer Free World is by reducing your tobacco use. Quitting smoking is hard, we know.

Smokers, Please consider donating the dollars you'd have spent on cigarettes to lung cancer research.

For non-smokers, consider sponsoring a quitter by contributing a small amount of money to fight lung cancer every day. You can save the life of somebody you love.

Use these resources to start yourself or a loved one on a path to better health:

  • SmokefreeTXT -- Get help quitting right in the palm of your hand, with SmokefreeTXT! Helpful quit-smoking reminders, tips, and information sent right to your mobile phone. Learn more about this tool here.
  • QuitNet -- Find a community of people also working to kick the habit at QuitNet. Get useful tips, get support, and support others.
  • Quit Guide -- Trying to get started? Check out the Quit Guide to get all of your questions answered, and to start using quit-smoking resources today!
  • SmokefreeWomen -- Find quit-smoking resources designed for women.